How Many Types Of Wind Chimes Are There? Which Types Of Wind Chimes Are Best For Home?

Thousands years ago wind chimes were believed to pretend evil spirit and bring good things by producing sounds. Wind chimes was popular in Ancient Rome then China and Eastern and Southern Asian countries, they were mostly used in pagoda or temple with multiple shapes of bells. Nowadays they become more popular not only because of playing important role in the Feng Shui but also their wonderful sounds and beautiful looking.

There are 8 types of wind chimes are best for home: Classic, Bells, Gongs, Bamboo, Capiz, Glass, Ceramic and Solar Wind Chimes. Each of them has specific characteristic can adapt your different purposes in the Feng Shui or home decoration or relaxing sounds. All of them can be hanged indoor and outdoor.

But you just want to choose one of these types of wind chimes above? You don’t have time to go to the shop? Then check out for more useful information and tips below to find the right one for your home.

What are wind chimes? Benefit and disadvantage of wind chimes

As mentioned above, wind chimes have thousands of historical years old. They have a long journey from Ancient Rome to Asia where the modern and different shapes of wind chimes come to live. In the past, they were mostly made by bronze. Nowadays wind chimes can be made by other ingredients such as aluminum, bamboo, plastic, shell, ceramic etc.

Wind chimes are an arrangement of wires or strings that hang multiple things and/or shapes made from many materials. They produce sound in different tones when move in the wind.

People are using wind chimes because of benefits as below:

  • Spirit and Positive Energy: Until now, wind chimes are still used like and Feng Shui stuff to attract peaceful and positive energy by choosing right material and direction to place them. Their tinkling sound can help to keep the good energy to purify the area around your home.
  • Relaxing sounds: Wind chimes with beautiful melody can help you to reduce stress and help to calm mind. The wind chimes which are personalized design combine with memorial melody is a unique sympathy gift for people who lost their love one.
  • Decoration: Beside the beautiful sound, wind chimes are using to décor house, garden, outdoor living space with their elegant design and colorful material. You can hang them on the trees, windows, doors, at balcony or even put them on the table in your room.
  • Keep your farming lands away from birds: The sounds of wind chimes can scare away birds from your farming lands, they will help to protect your plants from being eaten or destroy.

Beside the benefits above, the largest single disadvantage of wind chimes is their sound can annoy your neighbors. Do you know that wind chimes have been on the list of “Most annoying things about my neighbors”? If your wind chimes sound too loud, you will receive some complaints from neighbors especially on windy days. There is no law against wind chimes but your neighbors can ask the local council investigate the noise pollution causes by wind chimes.

Keep reading this post to find the most suitable wind chimes for you, for a gift or even for avoiding to drive your neighbor mad.

How Many Types Of Wind Chimes Are There?

Nowadays wind chimes have been using more and more in a wide range choices of color, purpose, sound effect or material. If you look for a great touching to your outdoor/ indoor space or a special gift, wind chimes will be an ideal option.

Read information below to know more about 8 best types of wind chimes.

01 of 08 Classic Wind Chimes

Typically this type of wind chimes are combination of aluminum tubes in different lengths, wood suspension platform, wood striker and wind catcher. This is the first type of wind chimes most people will think about. They are popular for indoor and outdoor decoration.

These wind chimes can provide wide selection of notes, some of them even are tuned to play known songs. This is the reason why these chimes are popular memorable gift, you can choose the chimes can play a melody which can remind of an unforgettable someone or memory.

The aluminum tubes of Classic Wind Chimes are the most important part which will bring different tones for your wind chimes. This material has the best durability, the good clarity and volume. The more tubes your wind chimes have the more tone they can offer. The size of tubes will also affect to the tones, long tubes provide low pitch and full tones while short tubes offer higher pitch and sharper tones.

Check the tones at the stores or in the clips before buying to choose the tones/melody/song you like.

02 of 08 Bell Wind Chimes

In the past, Bells Wind Chimes are popular for Feng Shui and mostly were hanged at pagoda/temple… Nowadays, you should bring these wind chimes home not only for above reason but also because of their beautiful sound and looking.

The name of these wind chimes type describes how they look, these wind chimes include one big bell or combination of many bells which usually made from bronze or copper. You can hang these wind chimes everywhere in your house such as front door, porch, balcony, garden, etc. They can survive and remain the quality in all seasons.

These wind chimes are quite heavy so they will not ring continuously. They need some breeze to make them ring and their sound will be soft and deep so there is less chance that your wind chimes will drive your neighbor crazy because of their sounds.

03 of 08 Gong Wind Chime

Gong Wind Chime is well-known because of their Feng Shui and traditional Asian-inspired design. Gong is used as a historical musical instrument in many Asian countries so this wind chime type will offer you authentic and calming sound including fine tones.  

It is made from brass and wood, its design remind of the calligraphy and capture the romance and magnificence of the Eastern. Its design is combined of the balance, grace and beauty which is a perfect match for your indoor and outdoor, especially if you would like to decor a Zen garden. This chime is also a perfect gift for many occasions.

04 of 08 Bamboo Wind Chimes

If you are looking for wind chimes which provide natural sound and looking, Bamboo Wind Chimes will be an ideal choice. These wind chimes include bamboo tubes in different length, complete with varnish protection. Bamboo Wind Chimes do not have many selections in color or shape, the typically products are in classic tube shape and dark wooden color.

This type of wind chimes offers distinctive mellow sound which doesn’t chase the wildlife away and drive your neighbor mad. Their sound is soft, relaxing and beautiful like a natural breeze.

On the other hand, bamboo is an eco-friendly material which can grow fast like grass. It doesn’t need much maintenance to farm and doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides. This material also is used to make one of best pillow for your bed, read here for more information.

Bamboo Wind Chimes are perfect to hang from tree branch, balcony, patio or porch. They are also a nice addition for your indoor décor as their natural beauty.

05 of 08 Capiz Wind Chimes

This is one of the most colorful type of wind chimes compare to the others. These wind chimes are popular because of their beautiful and elegant looking. A beautiful combination of seashell can remind you of the beach where is full of sunshine, salty air and waves.

These wind chimes also bring sea song to your house. Their sound is quite loud but not as much as above metal wind chimes. They offer natural soothing sound like a refreshing feeling of breeze from the ocean.

06 of 08 Glass Wind Chimes

Another colorful type of wind chimes are made from glass which provide tinkling sound. These wind chimes are well-known because of their beauty, especially under the sunshine when the light streaming through the colorful glass. Their tinkling sound is peaceful in the breeze.

Japanese glass wind chimes is a good choice if you are look for something is small but lovely, cute and adorable. They are made from high quality handmade glass with beautiful hand-painted pattern.

Beside the beauty of glass wind chimes, you should be careful to find the suitable place them. They are made from fragile material so make sure you won’t hang them at strong wind place. For long lasting enjoyment, you should hang them in the protected area in your house.

07 of 08 Ceramic Wind Chime

Compare to other wind chimes, Ceramic Wind Chime not popular and not many choices. People choose this type of wind chime for its look than its sound. Brightly colored Ceramic Wind Chime can add the beauty and calming nature to your house or garden décor.

This type of wind chime comes with one chime in several choices of shape, quite heavy for most breeze to it’s difficult for them to make loud sound like other wind chimes. Anyway its sound is soft and pleasant. This chime is made from weather-durable porcelain and clay which can be last long for years. But ceramic is still fragile material so please do not take the risk when hang this chime in unsafe place.

08 of 08 Solar Wind Chimes

This type of wind chimes will offer your house colorful light with/without sound. The only one wind chimes type can provide light and look especially stunning at night. Some wind chimes include aluminum tubes which provide sound like the Classic Wind Chimes.

The special thing of Solar Wind Chimes is their light from solar light. These wind chimes are equipped with solar panel and sensitive light sensor. You just need to make sure to keep the switch on and place the wind chimes under sunshine. Solar wind chimes will charge energy by themselves and glow at night when the sun goes down.

Their beautiful light is the best choice for of decor your garden, patio, porch etc. They will help to brighten your courtyard and illuminate your mind. If you choose the one without aluminum tubes, these chimes won’t make sound and absolutely is a nice option to avoid neighbor complaint.  

There are 8 best types of wind chimes with their main characteristic for your choosing. Here are some tips can apply to all types of wind chimes for buying the correct one.

  • Size: The place you decide to hang wind chimes will affect to the size of wind chimes. Measure or estimate the length and width before buying to avoid having too small or too big wind chimes.
  • Material: Once more time, the place will affect to the material of wind chimes. Put your fragile wind chimes at unprotected place is not the right decision. You must consider carefully to keep your wind chimes last at least year.
  • Style: Figure out the style of place you want to put wind chimes before buying to have the best combination.
  • Color: Check the adaption of colors. Colors are good to brighten up your place but in case you have so many colorful things already, you should be careful to add more.
  • Table décor: Mini wind chimes is a nice option for you if you love wind chimes but afraid of their loud sound can disturb other people or you can’t hang them anywhere. Put a mini beautiful wind chimes on table or desk is another choice.

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